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Rubber Flooring Columbus Styles And Uses

Columbus Rubber Flooring

Have you ever skid or slipped in your car? It’s scarier when it happens after an oil slick or antifreeze leak or rain water comes into the garage. Then it is also potentially more personally costly because there is every high-ticket item you own — your home, and your vehicles.

While most of the rubber floors ads feature luxury and high-end cars, everyone should consider making this investment in their vehicle. Sure, the clean-looking garages pictured with custom cabinets and a luxury car look expensive. It just is not the case.

The cost of rubber flooring rolls is very affordable. For anywhere from just under $90 to a few hundred dollars, you can buy a floor to cover the garage.

It’s not the same stuff that is used say in rubber flooring for gyms. That’s softer and thicker. It’s designed that way to cushion the blows the body takes while exercising to prevent injury. It also makes recovery a lot easier. The rubber may also provide some grip action to prevent slipping.

Though, to really prevent slipping, and to handle the weight of heavy machines like cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks, industrial rubber floors is the right product to fit the job. Commercial rubber floor covering is sturdy, yet may be tougher than the gym mat. It’s made to not only not tear, but also to prevent ripping as well. While it still remains semi-supple it is also very resilient flooring.

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Rubber Flooring Columbus, Ohio

Your local professional floor covering store expert will offer:

  • Attention to detail and design
  • Material and Adhesive expertise
  •  Top level knowledge of installation and maintenance
  • Thorough site analysis and understanding of moisture levels and mitigation techniques
  • Wall Base, Transition strips, and proper reducer recommendations
  • Our floor contractors are insured and licensed for your protection
  • Our materials and products are the highest quality on the market and installed by the best Columbus commercial flooring contractors
  • Our floors are only recommended based on function, added value, and aesthetics

Columbus Rubber Floors

Many companies have long relied on well-established Columbus OH floor mat companies to provide maintenance for rubber matting for entry ways. Rubber flor mat services have expanded now to include gym and treadmill mats, rubber pavers, and even floor mats for kids in, say, day care centers and children’s indoor playgrounds and gyms. Even mechanics may rely on industrial floor mats too.

These days the rubber mats have a lot of competition just from the world of rubber alone. This flooring option is now being made in many imaginative colors and even styles that very closely resemble costly materials such as wood.

Yes, all styles of wood-looking floors with all kinds of finishes and hues are appearing in everything from offices to homes. The look of a costly parquet floor can be yours for nearly the same as the solid black rubber floors.

Parquet is costly because just to hire the experienced and skilled labor to cut pieces to make these geometric flooring designs is very expensive. It is time-consuming to put the pieces together properly, and to ensure that the right and matching grains of wood are all pieced together as well. Not to mention, there is the cost of the wood for the flooring itself.

Parquet runs nearly $300 per square foot. Faux wood rubberized flooring is a few dollars per square foot and requires no labor to install it. Alternatives that are giving it a run for their money include cork flooring and vinyl tile flooring as well.

These days, even vinyl has been fashioned to look like convincing wood patterns as well. Though, at less than 90 cents per square foot, they are giving rubberized surfaces a run for the money. Though, vinyl plank flooring, as it is known, requires an adhesive or glue to be set properly in place. The great part about the type we have been talking about is that it gets set in place without any adhesive. It also is available in tiles that interlock or in rolls. Many a mat manufacturer exists, which means there is competitive pricing available for rubber floor tiles materials.

There are many floor coverings that are alternatives to costly and high-maintenance wood. That’s great news for homeowners and businesses who are not thrilled with the amount of tender loving care required by wood. Wood warps, rots, requires sanding and refinishing, cannot be mopped, and may not maintain its integrity over the years in all types of spaces.

It is possible to recycle the old material these days too. Even stables have horse mats. Check out the offerings of each mat manufacturer to find one who has stall mats and horse mats for sale.

Wood floor has a lot of competition these days as well. Enjoy the convenient low-labor and low-cost installation of rubberized options for a great-looking and utilitarian floor experience in your home or even in a mechanic garage. The point is, we will begin seeing this solution in both residential and commercial applications.

Rubber Columbus

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Our first priority is great customer service and your overall satisfaction. We tailor our services to meet your needs, in the time-frame you need it, and under the budget you have for it. Providing quality commercial flooring in Columbus, Oh starts with an appreciation for the business you generate for us and the investment you make in our products.

Word of mouth is the #1 way we get business! This means that our customers are happy with the products and service they receive from Surfaces Central. We challenge ourselves to provide such high-quality service that you tell all your friends and family about us and do our marketing for us.

Also, communication is key to any process and selecting the right hard surfaces for your environment can definitely be a process. We make sure that both of us are on the same page and we are not afraid to ask if we need more information or tell you if there are any uncertainties. You should expect to be 100% satisfied with the results and we expect you to settle for nothing less. Allow us the opportunity to meet or beat those expectations.

Whether a single room or an entire building renovation, our experts in Columbus will make your space look exactly how you imagined it could. To get a free on site or over the phone consultation with a professional floor covering store adviser fill out our form above or click the number below to call now!

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