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Resilient Flooring Columbus OH

Columbus Resilient Flooring

Vinyl is a flooring choice that has been popular in American homes for many years. But today all resilient flooring once known as vinyl flooring as most of the big manufacturers are now advertising that vinyl flooring Columbus OH and resilient flooring is not just your average floor covering once found in your grandmother’s kitchen.

Now grouped into the category known as “resilient flooring”, when you buy vinyl floor options today they have been manufactured using the most up-to-date advances when it comes to flooring technology. The plastic-looking and shiny floors that were prone to scuffing and scratching now feature matte finishes as well as being easier to maintain, wear-resistant and durable when compared their previous cousins.

Over and above offering a better performance, these floor covering installation processes have undergone an extreme makeover. They are now available in options such as commercial vinyl, sheet vinyl, Columbus OH tile floors or vinyl planks. In fact the Columbus OH vinyl floors of today come in an extensive range or patterns, trendy designs and colors with various high-end styles that are able to mimic the textures and look of other popular materials such as porcelain tile, cork floor, ceramic tiles, wood and stone.

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Resilient Flooring Columbus, Ohio

Your local professional floor covering store expert will offer:

  • Attention to detail and design
  • Material and Adhesive expertise
  •  Top level knowledge of installation and maintenance
  • Thorough site analysis and understanding of moisture levels and mitigation techniques
  • Wall Base, Transition strips, and proper reducer recommendations
  • Our floor contractors are insured and licensed for your protection
  • Our materials and products are the highest quality on the market and installed by the best Columbus commercial flooring contractors
  • Our floors are only recommended based on function, added value, and aesthetics

Columbus Resilient Flooring

Vinyl is to this day one of the more versatile materials used for flooring. When comparing resilient flooring to laminate flooring, the 09 65 00 resilient flooring is extremely resistant to moisture, mildew and mold which makes them the ideal choice for areas such a bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and any other area whereby moisture is a concern.

Resilient vinyl flooring is also regarded as one of the more affordable options in flooring materials. In addition, vinyl is also extremely easy to install onto just about any existing flooring surface and is very easy to keep clean and maintain. The vinyl plank and vinyl tiles are just a few of the types that come with a cushiony built-in underlayment which makes them softer and warmer underfoot when compared to wood, stone or real tiles.

Determining Quality

With the extensive range of the manufacturers that provides resilient flooring and vinyl floor products that fall under what is known as the “resilient” umbrella, it becomes difficult to differentiate which are the lower-quality type vinyl varieties and which ones are truly resilient. It begins with gaining an understanding of these different products as well as manufacturing processes that are used to create vinyl and other resilient flooring types.

Inlaid vs. Printed Vinyl

When deciding to buy resilient flooring, you will typically come across either the inlaid or printed types. Printed vinyl features patterns that are printed in the way of utilizing a top coat paper that is placed directly to the vinyl surface which is then covered using a number of urethane or clear vinyl layers that produces a protective-wear layer.

Inlaid vinyl that also include Shaw floors achieve their textured surface and colors through processes that place very small vinyl granules onto the backing that forces them up into the wear-surface. The end result is a heavier and more durable floor due to the fact that the vinyl material is used throughout the thickness of these Columbus OH vinyl floors.

Available Formats

When it comes to residential uses, vinyl comes in various formats that include vinyl plank flooring, vinyl sheet floor, luxury vinyl tiles and solid vinyl tiles.

Sheet Vinyl

These typically come in 6″ or 12″ wide rolls. The installation process includes one single-sheet if this vinyl which is rolled out and the cut according to the exact shape of the floor. When it comes to the Columbus Ohio flooring installation there are 3 types that include modified loose-lay, vinyl-backed or felt-backed.

SVT Solid Vinyl Tile

These are pliable tiles that come in either strips of 3 or individual 12″ by 12″ inch squares. SVT in most cases will feature photographic-print coating which is positioned between the clear-layer of the vinyl and the backing. For this type of installation it is advisable to have a subfloor installed.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

These are the superior high-end in vinyl flooring options and offer an affordable option when compared to other costly materials such as wood or natural stone. These flooring options feature advanced 3D imaging which is a technology involving photographing the natural materials that will be transferred to these vinyl tiles.

Resilient Flooring Columbus

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