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Trying to keep dirt out of the home is an exercise if pure futility and plenty of frustration. Pets, children and careless visitors will always be tracking muck and grime onto your beautiful home and carpets. There is also nothing that can be done about the inevitability of pizza falling greasy-cheesy side down right on the new carpet.

Yet homes and carpets have been under siege from the sticky and grimey since the neolithic age. Veterans in this war understand that the best carpet cleaning methods involve applying the proper solution to the contaminant.

Following are some essential carpet cleaning tips from professional carpet cleaners. Removing carpet stains and overall carpet care is a finely developed science. Make sure you have the facts down before attempting to do this yourself.

Preventing Carpet Stains – rearranging the furniture to hide that coffee spill or wine stain is one option, but it doesn’t really fix the problem. If the spill is small a quick response with water and a cloth can blot out the mark till it’s invisible.

But if the spill is bigger and smelly, like wine, pet urine or vomit, you will need something bigger. Grab the shaving cream from the bathroom cabinet and look for an old paintbrush of a suitable size (No! Don’t use dad’s shaving brush).

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Columbus How to Clean Carpeting

First, remove as much of the contaminants as possible, without pushing them further into the fabric. Slowly, work the foam into the carpet or rug beginning with the outer rim of the mess inwards. Remove the shaving cream and contaminants with a clean rag, blot till they are gone. Soak up remaining moisture with a clean rag.

Removing Grease from Carpets – but the worst nightmare of your beautiful carpet is grease in all its various manifestations; blood and grass stains are not as tough to remove. Nevertheless, there is a simplistic procedure that can effectively remove every last vestige of a greasy mess.

The answer to grease is flour. This is one of the oldest and most effective carpet cleaning tips.

All purpose flour absorbs grease and can then be removed easily. Sift flour into the grease spot till it is covered completely. Lay a brown paper bag on top of the flour, like the one you might use for packing a lunch or carrying shopping. On top of the brown paper you will lay some heavy weight to encourage greater grease absorption.

Take a stack of books, or other heavy objects with a flat bottom on top of the paper and allow it to do its work for about half an hour. By then as much absorption as can be done will be done. Remove the weights and use a stiff brush or whisk broom to gently pull the flour from the carpet and vacuum. Repeat this process until the last of the grease have been lifted. Use fresh flour and paper each time.

Removing Carpet Odors – anyone who has spilled milk, pet urine or other strong smelling liquids soak into their carpet can tell you how long these odors can remain in the fabrics even after they are cleaned. Large sections of carpets can be deodorized with a solution of 2 parts cornmeal to 1 part borax.

This mixture can be sprinkled generously around large sections of the carpet or the entire carpet as a whole. Leave it to sit for approximately an hour before vacuuming thoroughly. This will leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean after smelly contaminants and is even effective for homes with smokers as a regular treatment.

Of course, the best way to keep carpets smelling like new and feeling soft and fluffy is by treating them to the occasional steam or chemical cleaning. In addition to removing more dirt and contaminants than any traditional cleaning methods, they also provide a stronger resistance to the effects dirt and grime.

In Conclusion – whether your carpets are under siege by energetic youngsters, pets or simply the everyday dust and grime that enters our human habitation, it needs extra care and attention, if it will look good for years to come.

The most off-putting aspect of carpet cleaning for many people is the fact that carpet cleaning can the effort and lack of experience. With these carpet cleaning tips you will be able to remove stains, odors and grease from your carpets and keep your home fresh and clean.

how to clean carpet Columbus

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