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Hardwood Flooring Columbus OH

Columbus Hardwood Flooring

Out of all the types of flooring available for homes, hardwood flooring remains highly loved due to its natural beauty and feelings of warmth. Making the choice to purchase this style of covering for your floors could very well be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Nearly all rooms in a home can benefit from the use of this sturdy and dependable style of flooring. Warmth and depth are the first characteristics that come to mind at the mere thought of this beautiful material.

In some cases, such as the kitchen and bathroom areas, moisture can be an issue that may sway someone from choosing to use wood floors. Fortunately, there are alternative engineered flooring choices that give the same look and feel of Oak Flooring and even other exotic wood. Exploring the options found at a flooring sale will show that your hardwood flooring cost can still remain low. Floor stores have knowledgeable and customer friendly staff to help you decide on everything from plank flooring to even walnut covering.

The various types of wood floors that are available can open worlds of choices that suit the personalities of each living area in your home. Among these various choices are a selection of engineered hardwood flooring, Red Oak, Hickory and even Maple. Cherry still remains one of the most popular choices in the world today. Feel free to stop into one of the local floor stores and have a good look around at the wonderful selection that awaits you.

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Your local professional floor covering store expert will offer:

  • Attention to detail and design
  • Material and Adhesive expertise
  •  Top level knowledge of installation and maintenance
  • Thorough site analysis and understanding of moisture levels and mitigation techniques
  • Wall Base, Transition strips, and proper reducer recommendations
  • Our floor contractors are insured and licensed for your protection
  • Our materials and products are the highest quality on the market and installed by the best Columbus commercial flooring contractors
  • Our floors are only recommended based on function, added value, and aesthetics

Columbus Hardwood Flooring

Some of the other benefits of purchasing wood flooring is that it can be either left in its natural color, or shades and tones can be applied using different stains. Walnut and even cherry consist of naturally rich tones without any need for using staining liquids to bring out the beauty. Generally, it is commonly thought that pre-finished material is much more expensive, which is not always the case. Due to the many options and benefits, you would be hard-pressed to come up with reasons to not purchase wood flooring for at least one living area or bedroom in your home.

Going through the process of sanding the material, treating it with urethane and stain, a number of times and then finally installing the covering in your home may prove to be much more costly in time, money and labor. It is highly recommended to purchase the beautiful materials from the store and then hire their experienced and skilled team to do the installation for you. The installers know their business and have put in quite a bit of time and labor in relation to the very materials that you are purchasing. Taking on the task of installing everything yourself can be a bit mind-boggling and frustrating if you do not have experience for such a project.

Among the many options available that people rarely remember or take advantage of is distressed or what is also known as reclaimed flooring. The character of such flooring is quite unique and beautiful due to the fact that the characteristics have history. Needless to say, these flooring options don’t necessarily have smooth texturing. But scratches are not easily as visible in comparison with urethane floors.

A good thing to know is that though traditional hardwood is very popular among homeowners and even businesses, laminate flooring is an alternative choice that is quite beautiful and dependable. The quality of laminates that you can purchase may very depending on where you plan to use it. This amazing man-made material can be found to resemble hardwood and also come at a much lower cost.

Now that you have decided to buy your new floors it is very important to consider the cleaning and floor care products that you will need to maintain the beauty. When you buy your hardwood flooring make sure to ask a few questions about daily maintenance and care. Many times the very products that are needed along with detailed instructions are available where the materials are purchased.

Another thing worth noting is that there are actual detailed workshops and handy video tutorials that cover a wide range of floor care procedures. So why not buy your beautiful wood flooring today.

Hardwood Flooring Columbus

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Our first priority is great customer service and your overall satisfaction. We tailor our services to meet your needs, in the time-frame you need it, and under the budget you have for it. Providing quality commercial flooring in Columbus, Ohio starts with an appreciation for the business you generate for us and the investment you make in our products.

Word of mouth is the #1 way we get business! This means that our customers are happy with the products and service they receive from Surfaces Central. We challenge ourselves to provide such high-quality service that you tell all your friends and family about us and do our marketing for us.

Also, communication is key to any process and selecting the right hard surfaces for your environment can definitely be a process. We make sure that both of us are on the same page and we are not afraid to ask if we need more information or tell you if there are any uncertainties. You should expect to be 100% satisfied with the results and we expect you to settle for nothing less. Allow us the opportunity to meet or beat those expectations.

Whether a single room or an entire building renovation, our experts in Columbus will make your space look exactly how you imagined it could. To get a free on site or over the phone consultation with a professional floor covering store adviser fill out our form above or click the number below to call now!

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