What is the Best Cheap Commercial Vinyl Wood Plank Floor Finish?

Since there are so many styles and color options out their it may be hard to figure out which one is the best. Since they are all made virtually the same. The best one is just the one you choose. Scroll down to see install photos of some of the products we carry.

The best vinyl flooring looks as good as the best wood flooring and consists of various layers. These layers include fiberglass and protective layer. The durability of the material depends on two factors, the thickness of its layer and strength of substrate. For lasting beauty, comfort, and unmatched performance, a vinyl floor will deliver. It comes in two forms, tile, or plank. Let us expand in order to help you understand more about the material.

Vinyl sheet flooring is available in countless designs and colors. It also can imitate any color to suit your specific requirement. For instance, there is vinyl wood plank flooring that resembles wood. This type of product comes in many forms imitating various hardwoods. They are appealing to the eye as real hardwood flooring, can be purchased at much cheaper prices than hardwood, and have proven to stand the test of time.

Its Make-up

What is this type of floor product made of? Well, obviously it’s made from varying amounts of vinyl. This can be either in composite or solid form. Sheets made from solid vinyl is stronger hence durable. Solid vinyl sheets are a bit expensive compared to composite one. This is because composite sheets are made up of filler materials.

All of this type of floor covering come with protective layers. This is usually in a urethane form. Urethane protective layers are clear with no topping commonly seen in other types of layers. The advantage of having urethane topping is that it is resistant to scratches and stains. But, you may consider sheet with vinyl topping on wet floors especially in bathroom and kitchen and consider ones with urethane topping on dry floors. Note that both types of protective topping are prone to tear and wear. Therefore, periodic maintenance is recommended. Both are easy to maintain. Periodic vacuuming, as well as, regular washing with suitable detergent is sufficient.

Where To Use It

Placement of planks can be anywhere within your home or business. The installation is also easy. Some come with adhesive backing, while others come with recommended spray adhesives. As an installer, both methods of adhesives are easy installation. It is advisable that you clean surface to install this product. A clean and smooth surface will provide a tight fit. Some commercial hard surfaces come with felt backing that will need glue during fitting. This type is however very difficult to re-install if placement is required. There is also backed type. This one only needs gluing on the edges of the flooring sheet. Removing this type of cheap vinyl flooring is easy if placement is required. Installation of this type of product requires workmanship of an expert contractor. As much as you may prefer do your own installation, it is advisable that you do it under guidance of an expert installer.

Commercial vinyl flooring is available in various thicknesses. This can range from 1 to 3.5 mm and in widths of about 2, 3 or even 4 meter wide. Note that a highly used floor requires thicker and stronger wear layer than less heavily trafficked ones. You need to know exact size of your floor space before embarking on purchasing any material.

Buying Tips

While shopping for vinyl plank flooring, you need to consider a few factors. It is advisable that you source your products from a reputable dealer, like us. You need to consider the price factor in order to get the beast deal. This is the reason why you need to conduct thorough market research. You need to compare different pricing by different dealers. Quality should walk hand in hand with pricing.

Do you know with vinyl flooring, you could save much compared to other ceramic or cheap wood flooring? You may even buy in wholesale to save more. Our vinyl plank flooring is definitely an inexpensive flooring option for both homeowners and companies. You may contact your local Surfaces Central for the best deal as far as vinyl wood flooring is concerned. However, you need to provide your specifications to get the right deal. Simply drop your preferred dealer a message stating your needs, budget, and have it all done for you at the comfort of your seat.